1. #523 Feb 2020

    Let us learn to hold strong opinions but hold them loosely.

  2. #402 Feb 2020

    It is only natural that there are as many opinions as there are people. We ought to be afraid if it were otherwise.

  3. #305 Jan 2020

    Why is thinking and acting oneself so hard yet judging others so easy?

  4. #229 Dec 2019

    There is an inherent beauty in dullness. It isn't flashy or immediately exciting. Yet it is rich in learnings, consistent, and never goes out of fashion.

  5. #126 Dec 2019

    Perfection, when pitted against progress, hinders the progress. Its desire can make us abandon our pursuits and only bring despair. Be content with little progress however imperfect it may be and do not delay what you can do in the chase of perfection.